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Couples Counselling

“A relationship crisis causes us to do important inner business”

Bringing Couples Together

rebuild the connection in your relationship

At our Gisborne Marriage and Couples Counselling Service, we offer couples the guidance and support to reconnect and rebuild their relationship.

why couples seek relationship counselling

Couples often seek out professional assistance in the form of couples counselling when they find themselves drained and exhausted after years of challenges or disregard.

This may occur after experiencing betrayal and feeling utterly broken in the aftermath of an affair, or upon recognizing that their lives have become empty of love and romantic fulfilment.

Couples reach out for help when they come to understand that although there is still some love between them, it seems impossible to convey it with any meaningful impact.

Their decision to pursue relationship counselling is frequently motivated by the understanding that unless they receive professional assistance promptly, their marriage and family may crumble.

couples counselling

Couples Counselling Helps Couples Work Through Their Most Challenging Issues

Couples counselling can be a challenging journey, but when couples begin to directly address their problems, they can completely transform their relationship to feeling connected and moving forward in life better together.

Regardless of the underlying factors, couples who embrace counselling and engage in open and honest communication, display a genuine willingness to change, while actively seek connection have the ability to heal and experience significant personal and relationship growth..

Common Issues Couples Experience are…

Communication challenges.
Relationship trauma.
Mental health issues.
Addictions – alcohol, drugs, sex.
Shutting down and withdrawal.
‘Emotional Divorce’.
Trust issues, insecurities.
Betrayal Issues.
Emotional and physical disconnection.
One person has changed over time.
Love but not in love.
Parenting differences.
Separation or divorce.
Financial distress.
In-laws or family disharmony.
Sexual and intimacy disconnection.
Constant conflict and bickering.
Power struggles.
Angry escalations.
Jealousy and/or control.

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