Intensive Couples Therapy Gisborne

The Right Time and Space to Work Through Complex Relationship and Marital Issues

Relationships That Matter Are At The Core Of Our Growth, Health And Optimal Wellbeing

intensive COUPLES therapy

Equivalent to Two Month of Conventional Marriage Counselling

What are they?

The Couples Intensive Therapy Sessions are either one and/or two, three hour sessions held on consecutive days.

The Intensives are a mini deep dive that provides couples with the right space, time and professional guidance to work through complex relationship issues.

Who is it For?

The Couples Intensive Therapy sessions are designed for couples in crisis, who may be on the verge of separation or divorce and feel they need one more ‘decent effort’ at recovering their relationship and perhaps family.

The Intensives are also good for those couples who have already separated, and are reconsidering reuniting.

Do They work?

Yes…. although we can’t guarantee that the Intensives will deliver the exact result you want, we do however, see that they are on of the most effective ways to heal and restore your relationship, marriage and family.

The Therapist?

The therapist has 35 years experience, is a qualified couples and clinical family therapist, and has been facilitating Intensive Couples Therapy for nearly 20 years .

Consider intensive couples therapy if…

Occurrence of Affairs, Infidelity or Betrayal;

Complete breakdown of communication;

Other attempts at relationship counselling has not worked;

It feels like a ‘last ditch effort’ to save your marriage;

You know that a much bigger effort is required by you both to rescue your marriage;

There’s been an escalation of intense conflict;

Where there is not much hope left for a life together;

Feeling exhausted and burnt from persistent, irresolvable issues.

A Couple In Crisis Requires A Concentrated Rescue Effort

If you consider that your marriage has reached a critical point, it’s time to get the right help!

The Intensive Couples Therapy sessions are a Relationship Rescue Program for couples in serious relationship difficulties.

The purpose is to stop the complete breakdown of your relationship.

Typically, by the time a marriage gets to this stage, the couple exhausted from their efforts to resolve their problems. People often feel that the other is not listening to what they are trying to tell them, in fact, the same things have been said so often that they now feel that there is no point continuing with the relationship.

The Intensive Couples Therapy sessions are for couples whose relationship or marriage is characterized by ongoing conflict, plagued by major issues of trust, or for those couples who can literally see that separation has become a realistic solution to their problems.

All too often, this has been happening for a long time and love can feel like it has been long forgotten.

The Intensives are for couples who see ‘no-end-in-sight’ to their conflict, and are embroiled in their differences. It’s at this point that separation is starting to feel like a real option.

Couples who have reached this level of crisis typically put greater effort into arguing the rightness of their position rather than seeking to understand the other person’s view or experience.

The Intensives provide each person with a valuable opportunity to gain insight and understanding into their partner’s concerns, regardless of whether they share the same views. .

Moreover, this experience enables couples to gain a better understanding of their own perspectives and experiences, leading to improved decision making and more informed choices together.

This process facilitates a shift from conflict to understanding, fostering reconnection and unity. It’s through these open discussions where each person is provided with a safe space to express what truly matters to them without being overwhelmed by heightened emotions or resorting to provocative language.

Although comprehending all the facets and adverse consequences of a struggling relationship may seem overwhelming, the potential rewards for successful resolution are substantial for each couple and their family.

Enhanced problem-solving strategies;

Cultivating open and blame-free discussion without assigning blame;

Developing respectful communication methods for effective problem solving and expressing opinions clearly;

Acquire the ability to identify and express emotional needs;

Foster skills to address and provide support simultaneously;

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of underlying concerns that contribute to the conflict in the relationship;

Learning preventive methods against defensive behaviours such as stonewalling that can undermine relationship harmony in order to foster healthier communication dynamics.

We provide two three hour sessions, however, there are times when a single three hour session is suitable.

The Intensives are held on consecutive days.

Are available on weekdays as well as weekends.