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Chris DAWSON a male Couples Counsellor with a practice in Ballarat, Victoria

Chris Dawson

BSW, AMHSW, GradD.F.T., Cert.C.T., CMFT, MEI

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Welcome, I’m Chris Dawson, and I am delighted to share a bit about myself and my practice.

I’m also glad that you are considering couples counselling to help you and your partner move beyond the difficulties you face, and to build a healthy and loving relationship and life together.

With over three decades of experience as a Clinical Family Therapist, Couples Counsellor, and Social Worker, I have dedicated myself to providing expert guidance in the field of relationship and marriage counselling. My journey has been shaped not only by my continuous pursuit of academic and professional growth but also by the countless couples and families who have entrusted me with their wellbeing.

In my practice as a couples counsellor, I prioritize a collaborative approach with both couples and their families. By incorporating a variety of evidence-based interventions and integrating the latest couples and family therapy practices, I strive to provide clients with comprehensive solutions for their relationship and mental health needs.

In my perspective as a couples therapist, I hold the strong conviction that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful marriage counselling. It is crucial to personalize the therapy according to each person’s and couple’s unique combination of life experiences. As I engage in counseling sessions, I consistently maintain the belief that individuals and couples are generally making their best efforts considering the circumstances they face.

Your relationship is not a Tattslotto ticket where hopefully you buy the winning ticket… you have to put in!

Relationships demand that we evolve.

As a specialist in couples counselling, my primary focus has revolved around providing support to couples grappling with complex relationship obstacles. These obstacles encompass a wide range deeply entrenched conflicts, betrayals, mental health struggles, addictive behaviours such as substance abuse, alcohol dependency or even sex addiction. Furthermore, I am well-versed in addressing familial influences on relationships while aiding individuals in developing effective communication techniques alongside comprehensive relationship skills and knowledge.

I am always inspired by the positive changes, growth and personal development I witness couples achieve through counselling, As I witness the positive transformations that couples counselling brings to people’s lives, it fuels my passion and commitment.

I encourage you to call us to discuss your concerns and determine whether our service meets your relationship needs – call or text us on 0460 842 381. You are also welcome to email us and we will be in touch shortly.